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About us


Company’s history and characteristics

NIK - POL Sp. z o.o. Meat Processing Plant has a 20 year old tradition. We started production in 1991. During those years, we transformed from a small plant, handling only the area of Silesia, into a producer, the products of which reach almost every corner of Poland. Professionalism and commitment with which we approached the construction of our company helped NIK - POL to become a highly respected and recognised producer of cold meat and meat in entire Poland. Currently, we employ 350 employees in the Production Plant in Bobrowniki. Satisfaction of our customers with the products we offer is of the greatest value to us. When creating the plant’s structure we personally wanted to be able to decide on the inventory we produced and control each stage of production.

Our offer is varied in a huge degree. As of today, the Plant produces 70 tons of high-quality cold meat daily. The offer includes several dozen types of products. NIK - POL is a plant which specialises in traditional cold meat for years. The beginnings of the company were related to those types of meats. The inventory is very rich and we think that we are able to fulfill expectations of even the most demanding customers. However, we are still trying to enlarge the scope of our products. We managed to develop our own original recipes based on old recipes, thanks to which our products gain sophisticated taste and flavour. Furthermore, one of the secrets of our success is a strict selection of resources. We think that obtaining high-quality cold meat is possible only when the highest quality of meat is used in the production process.

Foreign markets planned activities and expectations

We reached a stability of production and the product. Currently we are trying to expand our market in the EU and other countries.

We are a Company which is open to cooperation. Thanks to our capabilities, we are able to satisfy practically each need of the consumer. Our offer is directed to all distribution companies which have a demand for the products we provide.