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UNDER THE THATCH line of products is a relatively new line, however some products such as ham from under the thatch or loin from under the thatch are produced in our plant for several years now. This line of products is subject to marinating, while during the smoking process the products gain peculiar taste giving them a unique character.

We cannot forget that such a production process includes approximately 115 kg of pork meat for producing 100 kg of such smoked bacon. This line also includes thin sausages - excellent for barbecues and, in the case of the sausage from under the thatch, it is worth recommending as a sausage for boiling.

Consumers seeking high-quality poultry products with a distinct taste will find two products which are characterised by high content of chicken fillet - chicken breast from under the thatch as well as the fillet from under the thatch.

Here you can look up the full offer of UNDER THE THATCH products.