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On the basis of the highest quality of cold meat produced by us, we developed a unique line of products called NATURO. It is the result of several years of work and intensive tests, which allowed us to come near the roots of cold meat production - products without artificial functional additives.

The Naturo cold meat line stands out in terms of lack of the following items in the production process:

  • phosphates and polyphosphates - e.g. E450(i), E451(i), E452(i),
  • citrates - e.g. E331(iii)
  • soybean,
  • modified starch,
  • potato starch,
  • monosodium glutamate - E621,
  • sodium erythorbate - E316,
  • disodium inosinate - E631

Naturo products only include additives in the form of natural spices and herbs. Meat is marinated in a traditional manner and the time of marinating is a minimum of 10 days. The only preservative added to the meat is the pickle salt - sodium nitrite.

In order to produce 1kg of Naturo cold meat we use 1.1kg of meat.

Here you can look up the full offer of NATURO products.